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Communicator Class Reference

Performs input/output. More...

#include <communicator.h>

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Public Member Functions

void init (double, bool, string, string)
 Initialize the output files.
Filefile (string type)
 Get method returning file object.

Static Public Member Functions

static CommunicatorgetInstance ()
 This public method gets an instance of the Communicator object, only one can ever exist at a time.

Protected Member Functions

 Communicator (const Communicator &)
 Copy constructor.
Communicatoroperator= (const Communicator &)
 Singleton equals.

Detailed Description

Performs input/output.

Holds information on input and output files that will need to be accessed throughout the simulation and allows their access via the singleton design pattern.

See also:

Definition at line 69 of file communicator.h.

Member Function Documentation

void Communicator::init ( double  _tau,
bool  outputWorldline,
string  _initName,
string  _fixedName 

Initialize the output files.

Initialize all input/output files.

If we are in the grand-canonical ensemble, then initialize all output files with the form gce-xxx-T-L-mu-tau-ID.dat, whereas if we are in the canonical ensemble we label as ce-xxx-T-N-n-tau-ID.dat.

Definition at line 174 of file communicator.cpp.

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