Path Integral Quantum Monte Carlo
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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
action.cpp [code]Action implementation
action.h [code]Action class definitions
cmc.cpp [code]Classical Monte Carlo simulation
cmc.h [code]ClassicalMonteCarlo class definition
common.h [code]Global common header with shared dependencies and methods
communicator.cpp [code]Communicator class implementation
communicator.h [code]Class definitions for all file input/output
constants.cpp [code]ConstantParameters class implementation
constants.h [code]ConstantParameters class definition
container.cpp [code]Holds all possible container types
container.h [code]The simulation cell
estimator.cpp [code]Estimator class implementations
estimator.h [code]Estimator class definitions
factory.h [code]Factory class definitions [code]
lookuptable.cpp [code]LookupTable class implementation
lookuptable.h [code]LookupTable class definition
MersenneTwister.h [code]Mersenne Twister random number generator
move.cpp [code]Move class impementaions
move.h [code]Move class definitions
path.cpp [code]Path class implementation
path.h [code]Path class definition
pdrive.cpp [code]A dimensionally independent worm algorithm path integral monte carlo code driver
pimc.cpp [code]PathIntegralMonteCarlo class implementation
pimc.h [code]PathIntegralMonteCarlo class definition
potential.cpp [code]Implementation of all potential types
potential.h [code]All possible potential classes [code]
setup.cpp [code]Implements the setup stage of the simulation
setup.h [code]Parses command line input and sets up the details of the simulation
wavefunction.cpp [code]WaveFunction implementation
wavefunction.h [code]Action class definitions
worm.cpp [code]Worm class implementation
worm.h [code]Worm class definition